Former Buff Patrick Devenny in paparazzi photo

I had the television on in my hotel room here in Seattle and the Pac-12 spring meetings Friday night while doing some work. I glanced at the screen and had a “wait, I know that guy” moment.

The show TMZ was on. If you’re not familiar, it’s a show devoted to covering entertainment and celebrity news and rumors. It’s basically televised gossip.

They were discussing whether New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez and actress Hayden Panettiere might be dating. They showed a photo of them emerging from an In N Out restaurant in Los Angeles and the third person in  the photo is Devenny.

TMZ reported Sanchez and Panettiere denied they are dating, which naturally led to speculation Devenny might be Panettiere’s boyfriend.

So how did Devenny end up on national television with two famous friends when all he was really doing was getting some lunch? He became good friends with Sanchez through former CU teammate Scotty McKnight, who is Sanchez’s best friend.

I’ve been told neither Devenny, Sanchez or McKnight are dating Panettiere.  They’re all just friends with common interest in sports and cheeseburgers.

Here is the segment

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