Early 2010 forecast for Buffs

The 2009 season just ended for the Colorado football team a few hours ago, but it’s never too early to take a look ahead to next year. I mean, we’ve got a lot of time to kill between now and Sept. 4 in Denver.

So here is how I see things going for the Buffs next fall. (Let me say right now, I reserve the right to totally change this and I probably will in the coming months. So don’t be raking me over the coals about it later if I do switch up a bit).

Sept. 4 Colorado State in Denver— The Buffs win this one easy. I mean, have you seen the Rams lately? I just got done covering the 12th game of the season and I’m still scratching my head trying to figure out how the Buffs lost to CSU this year. 1-0

Sept. 11 at Cal — The Buffs’ road losing streak is extended to 12 games and 14 consecutive games played outside the state of Colorado to include a 2008 game in Jacksonville against Florida State and the 2007 Independence Bowl.  CU keeps it close and has a chance to win in the end. 1-1

Sept. 18 HAWAII — This isn’t a great Hawaii team and the Buffs look dominant in an easy win. 2-1

Oct. 2 GEORGIA — With a bye week to prepare and some early momentum from three solid performances, the Buffs beat the Bulldogs in a thriller, maybe even overtime. 3-1

Oct. 9 at Missouri — The Buffs begin Big 12 Conference play against Dan Hawkins’ kryptonite. Missouri continues its run against CU. 3-2

Oct. 16 BAYLOR — The last time the Buffs and Bears played in Boulder, it went to triple overtime. This one only needs one extra period and the Buffs prevail. 4-2

Oct. 23 TEXAS TECH — Dan Hawkins and his staff have had Mike Leach’s number going 2-0 against the Red Raiders. Leach finds a way to beat the Buffs this time around. 4-3

Oct. 30 at Oklahoma — The day before Halloween, the Buffs turn in a scary performance and the road losing streak, at 14 games now and more than three calendar years, seems like it might never end. 4-4

Nov. 6 at Kansas — The Buffs beat a Kansas program in meltdown mode with its coach on the hot seat. Mark Mangino punches one of his players in the locker room before the game (just kidding). At long last, the Buffs celebrate a victory on the road and put the road losing streak behind them.  5-4

Nov. 13 IOWA STATE — The Buffs become bowl eligible with a win during the first big snowstorm of the season in Boulder. 6-4

Nov. 20 KANSAS STATE — The Buffs make a series of mistakes and look a bit flat a week after assuring themselves of their second postseason under coach Dan Hawkins. In fact, they look a lot like they did this season and find a way to lose a game they could have won. 6-5

Nov. 26 at Nebraska — Having lost 14 of their last 15 games on the road, the Buffs don’t react well to some fourth quarter adversity and fold down the stretch against the two-time North Division champions. CU goes into the postseason on a two-game losing streak, but earning a trip to the first annual Yankee bowl in Bronx, N.Y., is enough to give coach Dan Hawkins a sixth season in Boulder. 6-6

Dec. 29 vs. Rutgers — Ralphie makes one of her most historic runs in Yankee Stadium and Dan Hawkins finds a way to beat one of his best friends in coaching — Rutgers coach Greg Schiano — in the first Yankee Bowl. The win also gives Hawkins his first winning season as coach of the Buffs. 7-6

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6 Responses to Early 2010 forecast for Buffs

  1. gobuffs09 says:

    Wow. Optimist? I think we will beat baylor, CSU and maybe Iowa state. Then more excuses

  2. bigonbuffs says:

    7-6??? Good cover in the first paragraph saying you can change your mind. No turnaround, No winning season, No bowl game… I will still watch and get mad when things don't go right because they are my team, and I want them to succeed, even Hawk.

  3. nolabuff says:

    Sadly, a 7-6 record would probably save Hawk's job. How encouraging to win 6 regular season games in the 5th year of rebuilding a team that had 7 regular season wins the year before Hawk decided to grace us buff fans with his presence.

  4. Chetster says:

    I want to see CU be competitive but I can't see a 7-6 season in 2010. Like nolabuff, I'm ambivalent about seeing it happen if it means Bohn and Hawkins stay around and the best we can ever hope for is about .500 seasons. As a former player, I feel for the team and I want them to do well and enjoy their college days as players and students. They are not getting the leadership, nurturing, or coaching they need or deserve. On top of it, Hawkins puts all the blame on the team and accepts none himself or on behalf of the coaching staff. But I also know that 7-6 will keep these clowns around and there is no future in that.

  5. Earmuffs says:

    Kyle – what have you seen in the past 4 years under Hawkins that makes you think the Buffs will win 6 games next year. Personally, I see loses to Hawaii and Georgia. I think you are kidding yourself to think that we can beat Georgia. Meanwhile, Hawaii will be next year's Toledo.
    Buffs may win 5 games next year if they get lucky, more likely 4 wins and Bohn again caves against firing Hawkins because he would hate to hurt someone's feelings and lose a drinking buddy.

  6. CU_in_VA says:

    Just wonder Mr. Ringo, but what did last year's version of this piece look like?