Dan Hawkins job is in jeopardy

It’s time for Colorado football fans, former players, boosters, insiders and even some members of the media covering the program to calm down, take a step back and watch things unfold.

Coach Dan Hawkins has to find a way to win all four of the remaining games on the 2009 schedule to keep his job. Three wins might do it, as long as one of them is against Nebraska.

I know everyone has read in recent days that the athletic director and chancellor say they support Hawkins and are not ready to make a coaching change. And that is true in early November with four games left or in late October, when they were actually asked, with five games left.

That’s the way this works at the college level. This isn’t professional sports where midseason coaching changes occur frequently. In the college game, they almost always happen after the season or right near the end with a game or two left at most. The exceptions to this rule almost always involve some sort of ugly allegation or behavior off the field, which hasn’t happened here.

It is just the way it is done in college sports, and considering there are 18, 19 and 20-year-olds involved, it’s the right way to handle it.

Given those facts, what else would we expect the AD and chancellor to say? Of course they aren’t going to come out at this time of year and admit they are considering a coaching change. What message would that send to the current team about finishing the season? What message would it send recruits considering joining the program?

It’s not like we don’t have some history here from which to learn.

This is a school and the same AD who offered a former coach Gary Barnett a contract extension at roughly this time of year in 2005 only to fire him a month later. What was athletic director Mike Bohn saying publicly late in the 2005 season as things fell apart and as a team that was ranked in the top 25 ended up losing its final two games by the combined score of 100-6? He was saying that he supported his coach.

Sound familiar?

What were they saying when they allowed former men’s basketball coach Ricardo Patton to enter the final season of his contract without an offer for extension?

We support the coach but we’re just not ready to offer an extension. Coach Patton ultimately announced his resignation and Bohn will tell you now that one of the decisions he wishes he had back was allowing Patton to continue as a lame duck for an entire season.

The point is, this situation is really no different.

Did Bohn and chancellor Phil DiStefano want it to come to this? Of course not. Just a month ago, they were thinking things would turn around and Hawkins would eventually get the ship righted. But even they had noticed changes in the coach’s demeanor over the past year and in particular during the past six months.

That change in demeanor and attitude was affecting a lot of people and relationships, not just those with the media. Hawkins came out of that shell a week ago, obviously trying to repair some of that damage. Why do you suppose?

Here is what Bohn said about it at the time: “There is no question the challenges that Dan faces in the management of the football program are significant,” Bohn said. “And I know he recognizes he has room for improvement, room for adjustment, room for change. It`s been refreshing to watch him over the last several weeks embrace that.”

That doesn’t sound like the same AD who was firmly in the coach’s corner throughout the offseason.

Firing Hawkins will be a expensive decision that could cost between $3 and $3.5 million. It’s not a comfortable decision to make, but it might be the smart one in the long run if keeping him leads to a drop in ticket sales, sponsorships and optimism. Let’s face it. Is anyone really optimistic that this program is going to get significantly better next year when it faces CSU in Denver, Cal on the road, Georgia at home, Oklahoma on the road and Big 12 North foes Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska on the road?

Can the department and school afford to fire Hawkins? No. But it’s also getting to the point where they can’t afford not to. There were more than 8,000 empty seats at last week’s homecoming game. Yeah, homecoming.

There are still more than 8,000 tickets available for this weekend’s tilt with Texas A&M. There are ways of handling the cost of a coaching change. They take the hit and build the financial blow into the budget over the next several years. Not ideal, not what they had in mind, but necessary unless a tremendous four-game run turns this into a .500 team.

Hawkins’ stubborn refusal to play the best players on Saturdays bothers the powers that be just as much as the average fan.

The slow starts and appearance that the Buffs are unprepared to play bother the powers that be just as much as the average fan.

The attrition rate in Hawkins’ program bothers the powers that be just as much as the average fan.

The never-ending excuse about the youth of the team while other young teams around the country are finding success bothers the powers that be just as much as the average fan.

The handling of the quarterback situation and the lack of player development atthe position over 31/2 years now bothers the powers that be just as much as the average fan.

The team’s inability to win on the road under Hawkins bothers the powers that be just as much as the average fan.

Seeing Dan Hawkins handle news of Darrell Scott’s decision to transfer this way on Tuesday bothered the powers that be just as much as the average fan.

About kyle

Daily Camera college sports beat writer since 2004. Previous experience covering the University of New Mexico and Denver Nuggets. A Colorado native.
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54 Responses to Dan Hawkins job is in jeopardy

  1. BetasDead says:

    December 9, 2005

    Boulder – Colorado athletic director Mike Bohn already has a successor to Gary Barnett in his sights.

    "I have several in mind, but I think there's really one that's a great, great fit for us right now," Bohn said Thursday night. "He would be a home run, and I could look every one of those players in the eye, and also those recruits and fans and donors and (tell them) we've got a star."

  2. buffball says:

    Terry Bowden. Now.

  3. _SeaBass_ says:

    Thank you Kyle. Go slap Neill in the head now and get him to accept the fact that Hawk is done.

  4. CO_yeti says:

    Finally… I guess not all reporters live in crazy land.

  5. Comeonman says:

    Coach Hawkins has been pulling the same BS since he started here. Did we really expect him to change???? See article below.

    http://www.buffzone.com-www.buffzone.com“ target=”_blank”>http://www.buffzone.com/ci_13065313?IADID=Search-…” target=”_blank”>http://www.buffzone.com-www.buffzone.com

  6. nolabuff says:

    Its about time the dc stopped drinking the punch and called hawkins out, I've been getting my news from the post the past few weeks.

  7. mam2jd says:


    As the Buffs beat reporter for the DC, and a pretty darn good one at that, we fans presume that you have a unique perspective on this whole situation. Some of which you can share, and do on the regular Monday evening chats, but most of which you probably can't share. Your piece today gives some much needed perspective for all of Buff Nation! Hope you are right and that the "powers that be" really are listening! We shall see.

    Go BUFFS!

  8. nepabuff says:

    Fire Dan "wonder boy" Hawkins? Come on now, he's been fair to the players and has been building this team the "right" way….

  9. NJBuff says:

    After the press conference last week I wrote Hawkins had either taken Neill's column to heart about being stubborn or was told by Bohn he's about to be fired.

    Clearly it's the latter.

    Nepa, I actually take back the arguments I used to have with you during the entire offseason.

  10. WhosYourDaddy says:

    This is great news! The end of this nightmare is near!

  11. deleted4537288 says:

    Brent Venables would make CU a winner within one season and would toss out this "zen" crap the first day.

  12. snitz says:

    I just saw the video of you and Neill and at least one of you is trying to be an objective journalist. I don't know if it is on his web site, but Collin Cowherd laid out the case for getting rid of Hawkins, but it was about Mac Brown and the state of UT football when he took over the program and where things are now. Cowherd was making the point that at almost $3mm a year Mac Brown is probably under paid. I don't think CU will ever be UT when it comes to spending money, but if the school wants to create a real winning program as the old saying goes you have to spend money to make money.

  13. bradDaBUFF says:

    I was in Hawks corner for a while until he slapped me in the face with it.
    The guy is a nice guy, went to his coaches clinics, but as it is he can't get it done.
    He's a good sales man, has gotten better recruits (not on the field) then we should have with our record. Kept his job, but eventually the product speaks for itself and his product sucks.
    Fire Hawk
    Greg Davis (OFF, Coord. for texas) Cabral D. Coor.

  14. nepabuff says:

    No way an established Head Coach will take a demotion to come to CU. They need to set their sights on a great assistant who's been brought up with Big time programs.

    As we know, the transition from little league (WAC) to the big 12 can be overwhelming for coaches that are used to playing the Idaho Vandals with a large margin for error…

  15. nepabuff says:

    Venables would be a great hire, not sure he could get along well in Boulder or not, He's emotional, firey and not politically correct. In other words he's a football coach…

  16. VKBERLlN says:


    The chokas and the gumps are still on probabation thanks to their coaches.

    So there

  17. PhiBuffa says:

    I really hope this is true. I also really want someone who is firey and emotional. Football is a firey and emotional game. They do not have to be a-holes. Just firey, with a burnign desire to beat people fair and square. I am really tired of seeing the players and coaches sleep walking through games like they are in a meeting. That's why I would not mind having Bieniemy come back to coach (as long as he hired some great coordinators). EB would at least get the players charged up and mentally focused. Venables? That's fine. We need someone who will attack the QB on defense and attack the line of scrimmage on offense. CU attracts the horses on the line already. Fire those horses up, pluck a few speedy skill guys who never quit, start using a nasty fullback and get the ballcarriers the ball running at speed, not stopped or running sideways. Hit them before they hit you.

  18. PhiBuffa says:

    Though I still have my CU ticks, I live in Cali now. Has anyone heard Alfred Williams, CJ or the other former Buff players talk about who they would like to see as next head coach? Just curious.

  19. CJBUFF says:


    THANK YOU for having the guts to write a thoughtful and realistic piece about the Buffs. I really hope Hawkins leaves soon. It's the only way to save the program.

    I have a question for you or anyone reading this. I know the University is not in love with the football program. Do they not care that a winning football program equates to increased admissions for the University, which in turn means more revenue and the ability to increase the academic standards? This seems like a no-brainer to me and I'm sure to many others as well. I am just wondering if this sort of thing ever gets discussed when the program is vilified by those who don't see the point.


  20. nepabuff says:

    A winning program, 9 + wins average a year, would solve all of CU's money woes. Probably expand the stadium to hold more fans. Bring a winner that knows what it takes at this level..

  21. TherealNichole says:

    Kyle- I am often very quick to critcize. This is not one of those times- very well written, well thought out piece. Good job.

  22. Dizonrocks says:

    Ringo's got a bottle of bubbly on ice, just waiting to uncork it!

  23. Diz – Let me take a wild guess: you won't be attending the party when the termination is announced?

  24. bradDaBUFF says:

    Lets just hope its for real. that they are willing to do and not buy what he's shoveling

  25. extrapoint says:

    I disagree with the so called tradition of waiting till the end of the season to fire him.
    I'm sick and tired of hearing its done that way because everyone does it that way.
    the excuse in this article was that iit s for the benefit of the kids
    disagree with that too. the kids have already given up on this coach. Every minute we keep him around is a diservice to the kids
    Recruiting has also been damaged to rock bottom as well. Getting rid of Hawkins now will send a signal to recruits that we are starting out new…..now….before it is too late to mount a serious recruiting charge after the end of the season when it will be too late.
    High school kids can see what a loser Hawkins is. If they take a visit here I feel it will be hard to find any other current players to recommend CU as long as /Hawkins is here

    • AZBuff says:

      I thought the same thing when reading what Ringo had written. I posted just a couple days ago that there are very few kids right now even considering coming to CU to play for Hawkins. Therefore turn him loose NOW!!!. We might get lucky and get some kids to hold off that were even remotely thinking of CU and that is why they would want to play here. Go to school in Boulder, play in the Big 12, and play on a team that might be not that far from being successful if the right guy is at the helm. I agree EP it makes no sense to wait. They can even maybe do a little surreptitious legal interviewing of candidates.

      • extrapoint says:

        you have to believe a few coaches or ex coaches have sent out feelers even if Bohn isnt actively looking,….. which I'll bet he has at least been considering privately who is out there for future possibilities

  26. sKunkedOut says:

    THANK YOU KYLE!!! FINALLY! It's like we've have been dying for you guys to acknowledge our pain! This blog has pointed out every flaw that has bugged us over the entire Hawk era. Good to know is all not being ignored!

  27. HAWKMUSTGO says:

    Good post Kyle, still dont understand why Bohn isnt on the hot seat as well, After all he's the bozo that got us into this mess. Other then mens hoops his hiring choices have been poor. No way Hawk wins more then 2 games. Addios Hawk, vaya con Dios.

    • extrapoint says:

      excuse me? vaya con Bhudda

    • AZBuff says:

      Why in the hell would want to fire Bohn? For punishment? Don't tell me that when Hawk was hired that you were dead set against it. Only a few rabid Barnett fans felt that way. Probably 99% of the fans thought he would do a great job and if you didn't and knew that it would end this way then you must be the smartest guy in the room.

      • HAWKMUSTGO says:

        Business is about accountability. If my employees don't produce they don't remain employed. Bohn must be held accountable for his hiring decisions and their success or failures. In his case none of his hires have produced in the win column.

      • HAWKMUSTGO says:

        Its not like SDSU is some powerhouse because Bohn was there for a few years either. That being said do I think that Hawk was a terrible hire 3 and half years ago? No I dont, I think he was a sought after coach and I actually thought he would be good fit for Boulder maybe that is why i am so dissappointed now. IMO there was key ingredient that Bohn and the search committee missed. Real insiders in the Boise State program knew that Peterson was the real mastermind behind BSU'soffensive success, the mistake made was not ensuring that Peterson came with Hawk to CU. Peterson brought structure and dicipline to BSU which counteracted Hawk's lack of focus and flakiness. Back to Bohn, i believe the extension he granted to Hawkins after last season is a fireable offense. Hawk had yet prove anything after last year and there was no justification to lock CU in for 3 years. If he had to give an extension for recruiting purposes a one year extension would have sufficed. I think we would best served to cut our losses and clean house.

        • AZBuff says:

          Hawkmustgo: Because of space and time I won’t list all the accomplishments of Bohn that have substantially improved the dept., but you should know that there is a list and it is pretty lengthy compared to the past 20 or so years. I enjoy the simplistic statements by you and so many that "if my employees don’t produce it’s outta here for them by god, can’t have a bunch of slackers working for me.” I too had employees in the past and I can attest it isn’t that simple. It also gets rather repetitious that when one wants to make a point about someone’s perceived deficiencies they always refer to where they came from. For most of the people working their way up it is a lesser place than where they currently reside. I guess maybe you wouldn’t use that argument if Bohn had come to CU after being AD at say Notre Dame or somewhere else equally as prestigious. As for the contract extension, in retrospect a bad move but it is done all the time at major Universities and at the time there were other reasons than just a reward for a job not yet done. Would you have fired Marolt back when he gave a Mac an extension after a 1-10 season? If you think that CU would be better off with Hawk gone, and he is gone, I’m convinced of that—then couple that termination with Bohn’s and you would set the dept back more years than most fans are willing to endure. There are times and places to make tough business decisions but with the state of the economy, the state of or lack of funding for higher ed., and the position of CU athletics financially vis a vis the other Big 12 schools now is not the time to fire the COB and the CEO all in one fell swoop. With that scorched earth philosophy of yours we might as well fire the whole sales force —-that being the players. Makes no sense at this time.

  28. katiekurt says:

    Agree – Bohn should be on the hot seat too. Skip the original selection process that gave us Hawkins – why would he give Hawkins a multi-year contract extension after three losing seasons? Seems like poor judgement and probably a very expensive decision. We have no confidence in Bohn at this point. Does anyone trust him to find a qualified replacement for Hawkins? Does Bohn as AD help or hinder recruiting efforts? We think he needs to be held accountable for contributing to the current situation – Bohn and Hawkins need to move on.

  29. ColoradoBear says:

    Kyle – I agree with everything you've written with one exception – everyone shouldn't calm down, step back and watch it unfold. You've outlined all the reasons why change is needed in this program. The fans, media, boosters, and insiders should continue to make the case for change and put pressure on for those changes. You're right, decisions will wait until the season is complete, and if Hawkins pulls off a miracle and wins four games then maybe the critics will be silenced.

    In the meantime it's important that Buff Nation make it known the programs direction is unacceptable (the recruits need to know that too). A lot of money is spent each year supporting this program and expectations are that we compete at the highest level. Time for everyone to speak out and see if Hawkins is up to the challenge.

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