Clarification on Will Jefferson

I was able to follow up today with a football program source about new wide receiver addition Will Jefferson, who told me this weekend that he was already admitted to CU and cleared by the NCAA eligibility center. I’m told none of that is true. He still has to be cleared by both.

Part of the hold up on Jefferson gaining academic eligibility was him needing to take a summer school course at his high school. I’m told they are confident he will be cleared academically and they are excited to get him. Not sure if my source had fingers or toes crossed at the time.

I’m told Andre Simmons is finishing up his school work in summer course today. That being the case, it’s a safe bet that we won’t know whether he will be qualified until well into camp. His professors have to post his grades. They have to be posted to his transcripts and mailed to CU and the NCAA, where they are reviewed and approved or not. That paper trail will take a little while to complete.

So you’re wondering what that means as far as them participating in camp. Any player who has not been academically cleared is still eligible to practice for the first 14 days of camp. If the process drags on longer, the player would have to watch from the sidelines until his eligibility was determined.

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