Letter to the, uh, editor

Ok, I don’t necessarily want Buffs fans to take over my blog with random complaints about the athletic department and what is and isn’t happening on the hill. But I do want CU faithful to feel like they can voice their opinions here. Obviously, this isn’t meant to signal that I agree with all of them.

I received a bunch of email last week when word about controversial parking changes came out. Then I received this email on the heels of that flap. The author asked me to share it. Enjoy.


Your article on the fiasco with CU parking during football game days is not the first time the University has treated long-term patrons with disdain and in the process violated previous commitments to its long-time supporters.

A couple of years ago the CU athletic department reneged on its original commitments to men’s basketball season ticket holders wherein it ensured their continued occupancy of their seat locations in perpetuity as long as renewal was effected each year. That was blatantly violated by relocating the student section to the south end of the Coors event center displacing many long-time season ticket holder supporters.  Neil Woelk has been advised of this situation as was Mike Bohn but to no avail.  Again the University dishonors itself with ineptitude in its handling of long-time supporters, and openly demonstrates that its teachings about ethics are only good for the period of time that it supports its basic economic objectives.

I hope you share this message with the public and Neil Woelk for I feel the Camera has a public responsibility to present the true underlying facts attending CU’s actions.

Many thanks,
Peter Briggs

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Daily Camera college sports beat writer since 2004. Previous experience covering the University of New Mexico and Denver Nuggets. A Colorado native.
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